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Simple Air Mattress

Air mattress appeared not so long ago, but now you can find it almost in any house. It is a universal item, which you can use for fun or as an additional piece of furniture. For your purpose, you can choose mattresses of different sizes – from the small single to the queen size ones. The most popular material for the mattresses is polyvinyl chloride. It is durable and safe for health. Pay attention to the quality of the material, and it will serve for a long time. To fill mattress with air you should use a pump – it is usually sold together with the mattress. The smaller items can have a hand pump, while for the bigger ones you should have an automatic pump.

The best air mattress is big and high enough for two adult people to sleep. Ideally, it should be on the level of your knees – it is the comfortable height to sit down and stand up. To reach this effect mattress usually has two layers. Of course, it cannot stand in the guestroom as a bed or sofa, but it can save some lives in unexpected situations. If more people, than you’ve expected, are going to stay overnight – just pull it out of the sofa and swell. Folded, it will take a few space. Nevertheless, swelled into the full-size bed, it will turn into a sleeping place for two or even three people.

Attractive Spring Air Mattress

For your needs, you can choose the air bed mattress from the raw of different configurations. It can be a sofa bed, which can stay in your room as an ordinary piece of furniture. Such model even can have back, as a normal sofa. A small mattress can be used not only for sleeping but also for having fun! Take it with you on the trip to the seaside. Some of the models are waterproof, and you can easily float on it in the water. Just lie on your own mattress and have a rest in the water. But don’t forget about the sunscreen and don’t fall asleep!

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