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Loft beds for girls have to excite your daughter, increase her confidence and most importantly provide stable and comfortable place for rest. It is always better to combine feminine aesthetics of this important furniture of everyday use with structure stability and reliability, and many factories learned to do just that in recent years. This element of girl’s room can be both inspirational and practical, as it helps to save much needed space in small flats and apartments. To maximize this effect, especially if the girl is only child in family, some people remove first floor of bed, placing child’s computer and homework desk there, as well as storage boxes for toys.

Girls loft bed often comes in pinkish or reddish colors, as this is the color associated with their gender in most of Western countries. It can be in form of cloth’s color, in color of lightbulbs. First floor can be hidden behind pink curtains, while the actual bed on the second floor can have sport Barbie-themed linen. Upper floor should not exceed safe levels, as kids sometimes do fall from there. So, in order to minimize harmful impact, you should keep it no higher than kids’ height and about 30 additional centimeters.

Best Loft Beds For Girls

Such a cute element of room as loft bed for girls benefits greatly from additional decoration in form of wallpapers, pink computer cases and keyboards or a genuine doll collection for pre-teen girls. Of course, it’s better to consult with child about style of furniture and other things. Because parents, no matter how modern they are, often don’t know current trends and fashion, which apply to this task in the same manner as they apply to teenager girl’s clothing. Don’t get you girl angry by buying her wrong loft bed!

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