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Futon mattress is a type of convertible sofa that folds into a double bed. It is a flexible piece of furniture and it is very different from the sofa bed: it has a simple complex structure, while another one has more complex mechanism, which needs additional usage of separate parts. The futon mattress is much lighter and simpler than a standard one. As a rule, it folds into the shape with ease and retains in the form of a sofa. According to the Japanese culture, where the word comes from, futon usually denotes a bed linen of traditional style. The complete set of futons consists of a mattress and a blanket. Both elements of the kit are flexible enough to be placed, folded and stored in a large closet or pantry during the day, which allows you to serve non-bedroom facilities.

Buying a memory foam futon mattress, you must remember that it should be bent daily and regularly pass through the sun to prevent the dissemination of mold, as well as creation of the condition for mites. Western style futons, which tend to resemble low wooden sofas, differ significantly from the Japanese counterparts. They often have the size of a western mattress and are too thick to fold 180°. They are often installed and stored on a lattice frame, which avoids moving them.

Beautiful Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Many companies around the world produce futon, so there is a great variety of this material. It is made of chemical fibers such as polyester, natural fibers such as cotton, feather and wool. Meanwhile, the Japanese mattress usually contains wool. This is usually used with a special blanket, which makes it easy to keep the futon clean. People often use it to sleep comfortably, stay warm and maintain a relaxed state of their body during the night. One can also perspire, so futon absorbs the sweat and gathers all the moisture.

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